Let's debaze!

Virtual and hybrid events. Connecting experiences.

Congresses &
Trade fairs &
sales events

Let's debaze!

Virtual and hybrid events. Connecting Experiences.

Congresses &
Trade fairs &
sales events

You know what makes for successful events and convincing communication. As a digital event platform, we ensure that your ideas also work hybrid or completely virtually. With our proven and powerful event solution. And thanks to the personal support of our experts.


The platform

Debaze is an established, reliable and extremely powerful virtual events platform. Thanks to its extensive features for virtual and hybrid events, Debaze offers your event everything that makes a real event a real experience - and much more.

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The Support

We translate your ideas for digital events into concepts for virtual trade fairs, conferences and events. We accompany you personally - during the planning, branding, implementation and follow-up of your event. So that you can concentrate on the essentials.

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Das perfekte Format

Egal wo, wann und mit wem – gemeinsam entwickeln wir genau die Veranstaltung, mit der Sie erfolgreich sein können.

Individual Event-Consulting

The perfect format

No matter where, when and with whom - together we will develop exactly the event with which you can be successful.


Der perfekte Rahmen

Es ist Ihre Veranstaltung – und deswegen sollte Sie auch so aussehen. Deshalb branden wir den gesamten Event in Ihrem CI.

CI-compliant branding

The perfect frame

It's your event - and that's why it should look like one. That's why we brand the entire event in your CI.


Das perfekte Bild

Wir rücken Sie und Ihre Speaker ins rechte Licht – mit unserer Regie und Kameratechnik und unserer zuverlässigen Streaming-Technologie.

Reliable live streaming

The perfect picture

We put you and your speakers in the right light - with our direction and camera technology and our reliable streaming technology.


Das perfekte Tool

Sie wollen eine Plattform, die alles kann und funktioniert. Das ist Debaze – leistungsstark und sicher.

Powerful platform

The perfect tool

You want a platform that can do everything and works. That's Debaze - powerful and secure.

Why Debaze?

Because we want you to be able to realise your ideas and concepts. Because we want you to be able to realise unforgettable hybrid events and communicate effectively at the same time. Because we want you to be able to rely on a powerful, secure and reliable tool that supports you in the implementation of your ideas and does not slow you down. Because we want everything to run smoothly, from the hybrid event to the conference technology to the virtual exhibition stand. In short: because we want it to be good.

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