Online events in internal communication

There are many different uses for online events in companies - both for internal and external communication.

Internal events address all employees and managers in a company. If they are active in different locations, both nationally and internationally, it is often difficult to reach everyone at the same time. With a hybrid event, you bring everyone together under one roof. Usually, the event is streamed live from the company's headquarters to all employees worldwide.
To avoid uninvited guests, the whole event can be accessed only in a defined IP range, be accessible only to registered people with a company email address, or be additionally protected by an extra password.Examples of hybrid events in internal communication are:
Townhall meetings
Internal training
Executive communications
Sales meetings

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Hybrid and virtual events offer a number of benefits in internal communications, including:

Flexibility: hybrid and virtual events allow attendees to participate from anywhere in the world, increasing flexibility and saving on travel costs.
Cost savings: by holding hybrid or virtual events, companies can also reduce venue rental, catering and travel costs.
Time savings: attendees don't have to spend time on travel and accommodations, saving time and resources.
Effective use of technology: hybrid and virtual events enable the use of technology such as video conferencing, interactive presentations and electronic voting to increase attendee engagement and interaction.
Expanded reach: hybrid and virtual events allow organizations to reach a greater number of attendees from different locations or departments.
Better engagement of remote employees: Hybrid and virtual events offer employees the opportunity to become more involved in the company and better connect with colleagues and the company culture.
Greater environmental impact: Hybrid and virtual events reduce the need for travel and can help reduce carbon footprints.
Overall, hybrid and virtual events offer a cost-effective, flexible and environmentally friendly way to reach a broader group of attendees and improve employee interaction and engagement.

Why use DEBAZE?

Individual adaptation to your needs and corporate design
Multiple features for interactions in the virtual space
Multilingual landing page with easy registration
Personal support and event consulting before, during and after the event
Sustainable success with the help of documentation and statistics
High quality streaming of the event
Hosting and streaming DSGVO compliant
Graphic about the structure of an online event with Debaze

Be everywhere at the same time?
Of course you can!

Communicate worldwide, regardless of your location, with as many participants as you like. All you need is an internet connection and a standard web browser! Questions can be asked and answered in real time, ideas can be developed, opinions or moods can be queried and analyzed. The sophisticated moderation and control functions allow you to enter a structured and effective dialog with an unlimited number of participants.

Possible features for your successful recruiting event:

Registration page with agenda
Main stage
Breakout rooms
Moderated chat
Feedback form
Appointment calendar

Not just any event.
But yours.

In cooperation with our event teams, the platform is configured according to your wishes and the functions are adjusted according to the planned event. The original setup can also be reused for future events to save you time and effort.

Thanks to our event platform, even complex multi-stage events can be easily implemented in multiple languages and time zones. We will of course customize the event page to match your corporate CI to strengthen the recognition value of your branding. For interactive events, you can integrate audio and video streams to engage directly with participants. Using a moderated chat, attendees can ask questions, participate in polls, and/or vote on various topics in real time. During a breakout session, they can actively interact and network.

Plan virtual or hybrid experiences that connect - with DEBAZE!

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We will be happy to consult you individually and without obligation on the virtual or hybrid implementation of your event ideas.