Virtual Recruiting Days

A virtual recruiting day offers numerous advantages for companies looking for new talent. One of the most important is the ability to recruit across Germany and even internationally without requiring prospects or recruiters to travel long distances. This allows companies to reach a larger number of applicants and thus increase their chances of filling open positions.

Another advantage of the virtual recruiting day is the time it saves. Instead of inviting people to an interview, companies can communicate with them in a virtual space. This saves time and allows recruiters to meet more potential employees in less time. Applicants also benefit from this time saving, as they do not have to take extra vacation days or travel long distances.

In addition, companies can also strengthen their employer branding through a virtual recruiting day. A well-organized event, where applicants have the opportunity to get to know the company, ask questions and exchange ideas with employees and other interested parties, can leave a positive impression and improve the company's image.

The benefits for applicants are also numerous. Here are some reasons why they should attend a virtual recruiting day:

Easy access: you can attend a virtual recruiting day from anywhere and don't have to travel to interview.

Insights into the company: A virtual recruiting day gives them the opportunity to learn about the company and its employees before they interview.

Personalized experience: one-on-one sessions with HR allow applicants:to ask specific questions and discuss personal concerns.

Time Savings: A virtual recruiting day can save them time by allowing them to conduct multiple interviews in one day.

How does a recruiting day work?

Here are some examples of the event's components:
Panel for all participants: The company introduces itself and informs the applicants about the agenda for the day.
Deep Dive: Applicants have the opportunity to talk to departments and ask questions.
HR One-on-One Session: Applicants have the opportunity to speak with HR and discuss specific questions or concerns.
But of course, we'll tailor your Recruiting Day to fit your needs!

Curious about what the program of a complete Recruiting Day might look like?

Detailed agenda of a Recruiting Day to download

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Why use DEBAZE?

Individual adaptation to your needs and corporate design
Multiple features for interactions in the virtual space
Multilingual landing page with easy registration
Personal support and event consulting before, during and after the event
Sustainable success with the help of documentation and statistics
High quality streaming of the event
Hosting and streaming DSGVO compliant

Possible features for your successful recruiting event:

Registration page with agenda
Main stage
Breakout rooms
Moderated chat
Feedback form
Appointment calendar

Not just any event.
But yours.

In cooperation with our event teams, the platform is configured according to your wishes and the functions are adjusted according to the planned event. The original setup can also be reused for future events to save you time and effort.

Thanks to our event platform, even complex multi-stage events can be easily implemented in multiple languages and time zones. We will of course customize the event page to match your corporate CI to strengthen the recognition value of your branding. For interactive events, you can integrate audio and video streams to engage directly with participants. Using a moderated chat, attendees can ask questions, participate in polls, and/or vote on various topics in real time. During a breakout session, they can actively interact and network.

Plan virtual or hybrid experiences that connect - with DEBAZE!

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We will be happy to consult you individually and without obligation on the virtual or hybrid implementation of your event ideas.